Children's Therapy and Rehabilitation Specialists is a pediatric therapy center that offers

Speech Therapy,
Physical Therapy and
Occupational Therapy

for children from birth to 21 years of age.

 All of our therapists specialize in treating children with a wide variety of diagnoses including
Down Syndrome
Communication Delays
Autism Spectrum Disorders
and other
learning and neurological disorders.


Our therapists work as a multidisciplinary team, consulting and frequently co-treating together in a session if that is the approach that works best for a child.

Our Clinic and therapists work closely with referring physicians, schools and other treating therapist to create the most effective treatment approach.

We offer free 20 minute screenings to determine if an evaluation is necessary and to provide parents with some basic strategies to get started with at home whether the evaluation is needed or not. 

Our Clinics are approved by most insurance companies including Tricare so we can help support our military families.